The Miseducation of Rapper DEMPT

The Miseducation of Rapper DEMPT deals with many areas. I have been a hip hop artist for the past 10 years this past March 2017. Along the way I have not been educated directly on the rap game. Some of this comes from my own stubbornness to succeed. The truth is not many in my field have reached out to educate me.

In 2007 I had fought to get my message heard. This was before beats were readily available to do so. I had to actually ask friends who questioned my intentions for instrumentals on CDs. No one took the time in those early days to tell me the options. With the exception of a small rap group called Saving Our Selves that disbanded that summer.

That group which was going to set up knowledge for me was novice in nature. The members including me were relatively new to the industry. We were all angry at the rap world for disseminating the wrong message. At least at the time we felt so. What we missed was any outreach from the real hip hop community.

My struggle to succeed after left me vulnerable to would-be teachers. And the Miseducation of Rapper DEMPT became evident. This included from word flow, to lyrical structure, and even distribution and monetization. I wish only someone would of guided me the right way. Through my stubbornness I saw advancements yet little return.

Now looking back I see that noone at those times cared for the rap community. Still to this day I find little if any outreach from the rap elites. Especially to educate rappers on the correct way to do things. I don’t know if it is a “if I went through it they have to as well mentality.” What I do know is many don’t know how to navigate through and much lost knowledge is the result.

It has been 10 years and now I am in my 30s. I still fight to be known and won’t stop til I am. What I am knowledgeable of is that the current industry is not giving the knowledge. The result is lost youth and much disrespect. I am a prime example, yet, my miseducation will be enough to educate.

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