From Thug to -LEGIT-

It took alot for me to be LEGIT and to be a Thug in respect to 2Pac’s definition. Though to be a thug means to be Legit as well. Many might think how can you be both? My life demonstrates to be LEGIT means to be a Thug. 2pac’s influence got me to the Legit status I exibit today.

To be a thug is to be the “underdog” yet stand strong in your particular arena. Legit is taking that to the next level. Being a thug in an arena in contrast to the expectations of the normal societal definition of a thug. I got the street side and I got the book smarts as well. Nothing can stop my movement unless it really is illegitimate.

I believe this is why anyone with a similar background can be the same. The new definition of a LEGIT THUG. It takes alot to maintain this type of title. One has to be weary at all times knowing the knowledge of two worlds. So many who both want to be in your shoes, yet don’t.

To be LEGIT means to be a Thug. Because to become this status you had to once fight. I fought with the knowledge of 2pac and the Thug mentality. Now I define myself as LEGIT. In retrospect I was LEGIT the whole time with a Thug mentality.

“The heart of a soldier with a brain to teach the whole nation.”-2Pac

2pac influenced me to become a Rapper. He also guided me along the way with many of the examples. In his interviews and raps he spoke to me. Now I am the status spelt out for our generation. I am a thinker and unlabeled.

“Forever -LEGIT-.” -DEMPT

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