Recording A Song; The Studio Session

This is a guide to recording a song; the studio session. It gives insight and knowledge on things to consider before and during recording at a studio. Engineer selection is key as well as time and budgeting. All in all here are a few things to review:

  1. Selecting the Right Studio
  2. Meeting with the Engineer
  3. Budget
  4. Creative Time
  5. Recording Time
  6. Bringing the Energy & Having Fun!
  7. Editing

Selecting the Right Studio

Look for a studio with the correct equipment and software needed for your project. Depending on your genre of music many studios, though they may have the capability, may not have the right creative background. It’s why the engineer who you work with is just as important as selecting the right studio.

Meeting with the Engineer

You want someone who shares your creative interest. Do they allow for the content you are trying to express? Most do in a business exchange. Make sure your vision and content is expressed to the engineer.


Will it be per hour/ per song/ package deal? Hash these things out in pre-planning for your recording session to not interfere with creative time.

Creative Time

As much as depends on the artist, the studio session should be tailored to the needs of the song. Do you need or have the time to write the song while in the studio session? If it is one that involves budgeted time take this into consideration.

Recording Time

While recording, take time to note the directives of the engineer/ producer you are working with for cues to “punch in/out” the vocals/ music you are creating. Look for terms like “Ins and Outs,” or “Doubles/Dubs.” It will help to move things more efficiently.

Bring the Energy & Have Fun!

This is your time to shine! When expressing the song bring the same energy you gave when you wrote it. Also take into consideration the way you will perform the same song to an audience.


Leave the technical efforts to your engineer but be knowledgeable of technical terms i.e. (reverb, gain, distortion,clipping). This is so as to give artistic input for the final product.

The Studio Session can have a lot of other factors that lead to recording a great song. I hope these tips and areas of consideration allow for you to think of what’s needed from an artistic standpoint to getting there.



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