An Independent Perspective on The Music Industry


Many things feed into my perspective as an independent on the music industry. I’ve be asked “would you ever want to be signed to a label?” The Answer is both yes and no. The question is if a label would want to sign to me? This is in my mind the Independent Perspective. Because, when you sign to a label it appears that many lose their artistic freedom and integrity.

The Indie Movement is an answer to this problem in my eyes. With it, artists are focused on making great music as entrepreneurs in their own “Industry.” The Industry to an independent artist is the people they encounter. A true indie artist is an artist first, but not limited to just that title. This forces the best out of artists because as humans we are more than one definition.


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Not only do labels appear to take away your free speech but also your sense of identity. The corporate structure of many of these labels spells out exactly why it is simply just for monetary gain.  This specifically is a factor why I shun music industry involvement. Rather, create your own industry under your own definition. Your brand is your gateway to being seen as your own business.

“Industry Ops” are people whose initiative whether in the music industry or not is just to make money off of artists. Specifically done with no advancement in mind of the artist or their craft. Acknowledging these people exist is your first step to safeguarding yourself. Speak with a lawyer about protecting your brand. Also, remember to “Never Pay to Play.”

I’ve encountered a lot of people who have tried to carry out scams. These people say they represent a legitimate record label or what have you. Then they use falsified information to take money from unsuspecting artists. It’s sad to see this done in this fashion, but what does it say about the people that actually should be reaching out to artists?

My perspective is my own to present. I’m sure there are good people associated with labels and other industry outlets. What I have seen is the common issue affecting the millions of artists in the world. Little if no outreach from the music industry without a monetary incentive in mind. Open your eyes to the fact that your artistic freedom and  integrity is priceless.





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