DEMPT Releases New Track “Moments” for the Ron Fortier Paint Collection


GER #1 – 2017 – 45x60cm – 17.7″ x 23.62″ by Ron Fortier


“Roses sometimes spring up and you never care to look/

Where’s the person I used to know like a book?/”- Lyrics from Moments by DEMPT


In a brand new collaboration effort with Painter Ron Fortier, Hip Hop Artist DEMPT has released a reflective track for the painter’s collection.

The Track Moments (2017) was produced at The Triad Wave Cave Complex in New Bedford, Ma. The Instrumental was custom made by DEMPT with a sample as well as percussion inserts. The lyrics to the song we’re inspired by Mr. Fortier’s Paintings.

It gives an airy feel as it has sections devoted to display the numerous paintings in Mr. Fortier’s Collection in a slideshow video.

View Ron Fortier’s Paintings at

Also, Listen to the Track “Moments” by DEMPT below:





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