DEMPT : 2017 Year In Review


I am very happy with the 2017 Year In Review for DEMPT. This year started with enough motion to follow through on the strategies I anticipated for 2017.


I was able to successfully create 6 studio singles this year with their own themes, cover arts and promotions. The titles were:

  1. They Don’t Want It
  2.  Like I’m Ghost
  3. Wanna Be A Thug
  4. D. God
  5. Rules 2 Earn
  6. Moments

RULES2EARN w lettering

wanna be a thug

With these projects I was better able to understand the flow from music creation, recording, visuals, distribution, and monetization. Understanding these platforms were key for future endeavors which will take place in the coming 2018 year. With promotion efforts, I will add a huger impact to the esteem of current and future work.


In addition to open mics I was exposed to more show performance platforms in even bigger venues than before. Highlight shows from 2017 include

  1. It’s My Turn Now Showcase- AirItOutRadio, Philadelphia, PA- March 2017
  2. Haunted Trap House- Hard Rock Cafe, Boston, MA- October 2017

The venues were in major urban centers and gave me a better footing on how to perform tracks to a packed crowd, song selection, & the importance of a fan base. These are all areas that will be updated correctly for the upcoming year.

Social Media

In addition to reopening the DEMPTMUSIC website, I have opened up other areas of social media engagement. Theses include:

  • Twitter: DEMPT
  • Instagram: DEMPT_tpe
  • Snapchat: DEMPT_tpe

In the coming year, I will be exploring & opening up more of my music life as well as interacting with fans more through social media.

Song Listening Channels

Sites where my fans can listen to my songs and videos have increased to include:

  • Reverbnation: DEMPT
  • Soundcloud: DEMPT
  • Digital DJ Pool: DEMPT
  • Youtube: DEMPT007

Song purchasing/streaming sites are numerous but highlighted ones include:

  • GooglePlay
  • Spotify
  • AppleMusic

In the coming year I will be utilizing these sites even more, trimming back content from mixtapes and only posting exclusive singles & a hopeful album! Music Videos will be more prevalent with a possible venture into more sites with stream music videos.

Overall Reflection

This Year there has been numerous advances for my music career & in the coming 2018 year I hope to advance more. Specifically with enhanced music and more engaged and organized shows/ performances. I will seek out a greater presence on social media by  displaying more  content & interaction consistent with my song listening channels and streaming sites. Most importantly, I will take my brand more seriously with more quality visuals and an exploration into merchandise. My fans have shown much support and love over the past year irregardless of my at times lacking interaction. They deserve the best DEMPT they can find.

All the best to my supporters and lets hope for an even greater year ahead!





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