DEMPT Releases “No More Pain”

Times make us into better people. They make us see our wrongs and open up lanes to change. Lately I have seen the message I have wanted to deliver more and more in my lyrics. These involve transition and recovery.

Fall 2017 I was homeless the month of November & I have experienced may of the things which people dislike. These include isolation, sadness, and the desperate feeling of loneliness. But out of that darkness I saw fans and friends come to my aide. And now in the new year I am very focused on my moments of transition and recovery.

You can already see the treasure of words and experiences these moments can bring to my lyrics. Already I recorded & posted a song called “No More Pain.”

I take the title from a past 2PAc song. However, the content is entirely different.

It is a DEMPT in recovery. And I believe many Hip Hop Listeners need to also reflect on their own recovery. Whether it is from alcohol, drugs, or unhealthy associations. DEMPT & The New Legit Life is here to stay and I am sure many are interested in what I have to say.

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