DEMPT MUSIC Releases Company Logo

The DEMPT Music Company represents the artistry and business prowess of it’s lead and only artist DEMPT.

It is used as a vesicle to navigate the necessities to take on major influence and the logistics needed to take the artistry of DEMPT to newer levels of growth.

Established in 2017, DEMPT MUSIC was the product of DEMPT and majorly influenced by the creation of the DEMPT MUSIC website.

The logo project was completed by the Team at Spectrum Marketing Group, LLC in New Bedford Ma. A logo product which DEMPT wanted to exhibit a separate feel from the DEMPT Logo (below), but still have subtle tones of connection to allow a way for the DEMPT MUSIC Community to have something to attach to.


dempt picDEMPT MUSIC Company Logo:


The logo includes the skyline of the City of New Bedford, MA. where DEMPT has found as a hub of artistry, expressive freedom and business recognition.

Much can be expected from this establishment of a logo and the furthering of the initiatives of the DEMPT image and brand.

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