DEMPT Releases ” How To Make Money”

Give a man a dollar he can buy a cigarette/

Give him a pen and pad and he’ll be Legit/


On Sunday April 29th DEMPT Released “How To Make Money” ( Produced By Frostyee) through digital distribution.

The song enters into the perspective DEMPT felt to describe the best way “How To Make Money.” It was written with this intent in mind and recorded to a high tempo beat provided by Forever Current producer Frostyee.

Many of the tones included in the autotuned track is a sound new and original to DEMPT. All of the lyrics are verbally expressed in a melodic delivery. Also, the lyrical content can be described as genuine to the context which rides on the principles established in hard work for one’s money.

It was recorded at Triad Recording/ Wave Cave in New Bedford, MA. on Sunday April 22, 2018. Very much a summer track it engages the listener and has a sincere message to a very fun instrumental.


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