My Music Why (Updated)

My music why has been updated. Today, I have a regular job I am very involved with and I’m happy. Don’t mix happiness with stagnation. I still see music as my passion. I just don’t see is as something that has to take over my life. I get it, if you want to be successful in music it has to be your life. But, for me my music is just music and my life is more complex.

Starting in March I embarked on a new journey with a new employer. It afforded me the opportunity to finally stop living in financial distress. Also, with the alleviated stress I have had time to make and work on quality music. “How To Make Money” was my first release after starting with my employer. And quite amazingly it is the first track that was purchased as a download in my entire time doing music.

Music is still my passion. With the roll out of DEMPT Music as a business in April 2018, I’ve had to see the reality. The reality is that expenses associated with music are high. So I am concentrating on generating enough seed money at my employer to see it flourish. It will create a more elevated mix of music and content.

I have seen my music in essence take over my life, however. I engaged in risky situations for content to write about. However, now I am engaging in true life experiences¬† to make content people can really relate to. It should never be an issue of music not having an “off switch.” I want to live a fulfilling life outside of music.

My life is very complex as some of my past songs suggest. In Rules 2 Earn for example I spoke about my mental disorder for the first time in a released song. Going forward, I want to analyze my life more. More content that is relatable and a result of making it through a complex life.

All in all, I just want people to know I never take a break from music. This is because my life experience is the music. When I ever get the time to write, which is seldom, I write from the heart. My why is living and the music is a result of it.

dempt music_final logo

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