Artist: DEMPT

Genre: Hip Hop




DEMPT is an M.C/ Lyricist/ DJ/ Producer stationed out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. DEMPT started writing lyrics in 2007 as a University Student, separate from his studies as an Accounting Major. His early motivations were to give a more educated and influential sound to the hip hop scene.

Following graduation from his University, DEMPT began to pursue music even more. His travels have lead him to shows in Florida, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. DEMPT’s flow, sound and delivery on songs is a mixture of rebel to conscious to interpersonal hip hop. In his songs you will catch references to a more educated, wealthy position in society for today’s youth. This as well as other age groups. From songs that give confidence to the educated crowd to those who find themselves in their own closed off world, many can relate to the message from DEMPT.

DEMPT is the only artist of his music company DEMPT MUSIC. It is his platform to compete in the music industry as well as present songs. The overall goal in his mind is to elevate the culture, sound, engineering, and entrepreneurial spirit of hip hop.

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